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With the series TechUncovered we aim to bring insights from engineering leaders of tech companies through inspirational panel discussions.

TechUncovered panel discussion
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The 10th edition
 | September 7, 2022
After long months of waiting and streaming the events, we could hardly wait to host a real in-person (yet hybrid) event. And here we are! The 10th edition is bringing you a…
TechUncovered_ Z Matfyzu k CTO 11-22 screenshot
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The 9th edition
 | March 29, 2022
The TechUncovered series is back! This time, we’ll be focusing on the transformation from a university student of MFF CUNI (Matfyz) to a CTO of a successful company. Some of the topics…
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The 8th edition
 | December 8, 2021
“If the statistics are boring, you’ve got the wrong numbers.” We’re closing the second year of the TechUncovered series with the eighth edition focused on data – and we are here to…
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The 7th edition
 | October 13, 2021
Topics: mobile development through and through native vs. cross-platform mobile development mobile app release cycle CI/CD team size and structure Flutter …and much more! You can look forward to a panel discussion…
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The 6th edition
 | July 29, 2021
What is product management? And how is it different from project management? These will be the key questions for the 6th edition of the TechUncovered series. This time we are going deeper…
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The 5th edition
 | March 22, 2021
The fifth part of the TechUncovered series is here! This time on the topic of frontend, with the subtitle development of really big applications. The moderator and guide of the debate will…
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The 4th edition
 | December 8, 2020
TechUncovered: Backend happening at the beginning of December 2020 was the 4th event of our TechUncovered series. ‌‌‌ With this series we aim to bring insights from engineering leaders of tech companies…
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The 3rd edition
 | October 2, 2020
TechUncovered series aims to bring the Prague tech community insights from engineering leaders of tech companies that already passed the initial startup phase. Topics: Connecting devs & product – focus, roadmaps, team…
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The 2nd edition
 | May 13, 2020
The TechUncovered series is back, bringing you a fresh issue focused on leading teams from home and other current topics from the world of engineering leadership. Check a live panel discussion with:…