How dbt can help you become a better data analyst

Introduction Building the best cloud-native PMS isn’t easy, and the analytics surrounding it are no different. It has always been challenging to address product-related questions from our product managers, designers, and sometimes even developers, but that’s where dbt comes to the rescue.  The modern data stack has revolutionized how data analysts work within an organization, […]

Two data analysts take on segmentation: The good, the bad, and the ugly 

Introduction With success and fast-paced growth, there comes a point when companies serve vastly different customers. As your product gains more market share and accumulates more data, the need for personalized segmentation becomes obvious.   However, navigating the complex process, from selecting the right modeling methods to addressing data quality issues, can be daunting.  We have […]

How to get Web Summit right: The Mews survival guide

Web Summit is Europe’s biggest tech conference, bringing over 70,000 attendees to Lisbon each year. This is the story of four data analysts traveling to Portugal this November and discovering what all the buzz is about. We’re going to share our tips for nailing the conference, what we liked (and didn’t like), and what we […]

TechUncovered: Connecting data and people

“If the statistics are boring, you’ve got the wrong numbers.” We’re closing the second year of the TechUncovered series with the eighth edition focused on data – and we are here to show you how you can harness data the right way to make a real impact. Some of the important questions we’ll look at […]

How to effortlessly unlock the data in your data lake

Do you understand the usage of your products and how new features are being adopted? Can your product teams really make data-driven decisions? Does your team know how users are using or even misusing your product? The goal is to give our product teams the right set of tools to understand the impact of their […]

How to boost your reports and avoid problems with the composite model

The Power BI Composite model is an incredibly powerful tool that can really take your reports to new heights, but there are some challenges you’ll need to overcome. In this article we want to show you how to avoid the frustrations we had when creating our composite model reports. Complex reports may contain data from […]

Bookmarks in Power BI: how to create a clean, one-page report

Whether you’re a Power BI developer or simply build a report here and there to visualize your data, you’ve probably seen it before. Reports can get easily crowded with visuals, as space on the canvas is limited, and they end up being hard to understand and navigate. But what if you don’t want to solve […]

Marketa, linguist who found love in SQL and Portugal

Marketa’s first contact with Mews? A rejection email. More than a year later? She’s talking to me for the fifth Meet MewsDevs interview. It was a real pleasure to do this one (again, long distance) because how often do you see a transformation from linguist to data analyst? Not too often… and when you add […]

6 steps to master finance tech for small/midsize companies

Having worked in finance for multiple different companies, I’ve never understood why so many processes are time-consuming and done manually. Imagine a typical finance department: piles of paper, the sound of stamps and printers, someone standing at the scanner. 🖨 Not only is it all a huge waste of paper, but manual data entry is […]

Monitoring office conditions

The problem Some time ago I noticed that the air in our office gets stale in the evening. After a few minutes of googling I came to the conclusion that the problem might be a high concentration of CO2. The problem with working at high CO2 levels is that you cannot concentrate well and you […]