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“If the statistics are boring, you’ve got the wrong numbers.”

We’re closing the second year of the TechUncovered series with the eighth edition focused on data – and we are here to show you how you can harness data the right way to make a real impact.

Some of the important questions we’ll look at include:

  • How do you structure a powerful data team?
  • Why should you build a single source of truth (SSOT) for your team?
  • Why do you need data self-service – and pronto?
  • How can you get the most from harvesting your data? … and much more! Join us to learn it all!

You can look forward to a panel discussion where each panelist will bring their own unique set of experiences and backgrounds to the table, ensuring you come out of the event motivated and inspired.


  • Vojta Kopal, Director of Engineering, Data Science @ Mews Data explorer at Mews with a background in web development and theoretical computer science focusing on innovating the hospitality industry and your travel experience. An occasional chess player and frequent coffee drinker.


  • Miroslav Umlauf, Chief Data Officer @ Avast
    Miroslav Umlauf is a Chief Data Officer at Avast with over 18 years of experience in connecting data, people, and technologies. Miroslav studied Strategy and Execution at IMD, Lausanne, and participated in the creation of a data-centric study program at Prague University of Economics. He is focused on both offensive and defensive aspects of a data strategy including technical aspects of privacy and security by design. Father of three, musician and sportsman by heart.
  • Y My Cerna Vu, Product Data Analyst @ Pipedrive
    Y My joined Pipedrive Prague office as the first data analyst. She initiated her career as a data science consultant and later specialised in product data analytics. Currently she is leading a small team of analysts located in Tallinn and Lisbon. Her mission is to continuously improving data tracking process, analysing customer behaviour to drive product improvements and making data more accessible and understandable to anyone within the company. Outside work, she enjoys time with her little daughter, singing karaoke, various indoor sports, or hiking in nature.
  • Petr Nemeth, CEO @ Dataddo
    Petr Nemeth is the co-founder and CEO of Czech-American startup Dataddo, which focuses on the automation of data processes in companies. Dataddo allows all users, including those with no coding knowledge, to combine their corporate data resources with reporting and analytics tools. Dataddo is one of the few companies in the world that can develop and interconnect data connectors on their own platform, creating and integrating new connectors in just a few days. Nemeth has been involved in data analytics for over 14 years and has held senior positions in a number of Czech and foreign corporations, such as České Radiokomunikace.