product vs project management
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What is product management? And how is it different from project management? These will be the key questions for the 6th edition of the TechUncovered series.

This time we are going deeper with panelists from top companies who have strong products, and we will be discussing the following:

  • Definition of roles and ownership within R&D teams.
  • Arrival of Agile and the impact it has on project and product managers.
  • Responsibilities of cross-functional teams.
  • And much more…


  • Jan Šrůtek, Director of Product Design @ Outreach
    Jan is a digital product designer, researcher, and strategist. He’s been in UX and design for 13+ years, and he’s now the Director of Product Design at, a Seattle-based B2B SaaS scale-up. Previously he was leading high-performing design teams at Productboard, Mews, and Trainline. Before that, he worked in London as an Information Architect, UX Consultant, and Interaction Designer for digital agencies, start-ups, and global brands.


  • Jiří Helmich, CPO @ Mews
    After joining Mews 7 years ago as a frontend developer, he now leads their product in the role of Chief Product Officer. He holds a degree in Software Engineering, and during his studies, he published academic papers on the visualization of Linked Data. As a fan of SVPG and empowered teams, Jirka strives for innovation and is annoyed by bad UX. On his journey with Mews, he enjoys disrupting the hospitality industry with tech to make it guest-centric again.
  • Hubert Palan, Founder & CEO @ Productboard
    Hubert is the founder and CEO of Productboard. Driven by a passion for building truly excellent products, he started the company back in 2015 when he saw a hole in the market for a dedicated product management platform. Prior to Productboard, Hubert was VP of Product Management at GoodData.
  • Filip Otřísal, IT Project Manager @ Shipmonk
    Filip is the Lead Technical Product Manager in ShipMonk. He has 15+ years of experience in software development with 8 years in startups. Prior to ShipMonk, he was the CTO in Shipvio and co-founder & Product Manager in Balíkonoš. Filip originally started as an IT business analyst in Allianz.