TechUncovered: Platform Frontend

Our 12th edition of the TechUncovered event series is a special one, entirely dedicated to the captivating world of platform frontend engineering. Our panel of experts is all set to delve into thought-provoking discussions, providing answers to some burning questions: đź’¬ the value of platform teams & why have themđź’¬ the shape, function, and structure […]

The benefits of shifting from technology-driven to product-driven development

Tech gathering that discusses a whiteboard

Introduction I am a backend developer with 20 years of development experience, starting when .net 1.0 was released. But throughout the years, I have been working full stack one way or another. Back then, there was no difference between backend, frontend, or QA engineers. You were just a developer. You were expected to know and […]

Accessibility in design systems: Easy wins and lessons learned 

Introduction Based on my talk at Design Systems London earlier this year, this post explores the valuable insights I have gained on how to make design systems more accessible (and why we should make this happen).  At Mews we want to build the most accessible possible products and in an effort on doing so we […]

On the way to TypeScript 

Avoid the bugs with TypeScript and read about the pros and cons of type systems as well as migration strategies. Researched, experienced, and shared.

Frontend Performance Monitoring with New Relic

Performance is always an important thing to think about when developing an application. It has a great impact on user satisfaction—the faster the code, the smoother the experience. But, as we all know, not all code is written perfectly from the start, and even small inefficiencies pile up over time. So, once this happens and […]

Adopting accessibility: this is how we do it

Adopting accessibility in a product can be quite an overwhelming task. There are a lot of different sources out there on the topic. We did some internal research to come up with action points we could put on roadmap, and now we want to share it publicly. This might be useful in case you have […]

TechUncovered: Frontend

The fifth part of the TechUncovered series is here! This time on the topic of frontend, with the subtitle development of really big applications. The moderator and guide of the debate will again be Jirka Bachel and this time will be interviewed by representatives of Mews, Alza and Socialbakers, Czech companies that already have something […]

Custom Neural Networks in a Browser

Neural Networks can do a lot of things. Personally, the way they find patterns in a set of complex data always felt like magic to me, even after I started understanding how they work. They have a lot of potential uses and being able to run them in a browser opens a lot more doors. […]

Intro to Graph Databases: More than just GraphQL

Nowadays, you’ll see GraphQL used in a lot of production and high load projects—and for good reason. The technology provides a simple and elegant method of implementing to APIs. I’m sure there are a lot articles giving a great overview of GraphQL APIs and comparing them to REST/SOAP and/or RPC (continue the list with your […]

Delivering payment requests: one of our killer features

In this article, I would like to reveal how software development works at MEWS. The development team is product-oriented, meaning that we focus on a single product and do not build applications on demand. We provide multiple applications for hoteliers and other providers whose services can be booked for certain time periods. I will use […]

How to get your cross-references in redux straight

Here at Mews, we have, as any other diligent react/redux developers, followed the redux documentation’s recommendations on shaping the redux store. Thus, our state ended up being (somewhat) shaped in such a manner that it references data from one (sub)state to another. While the documentation has good reasoning behind this structure, we were left to […]

Anatomy of Failure or: How to Deploy the Same Bug Four Times

Setting the scene, meeting the players All frontend code produced by Mews is being continuously integrated and delivered via automated build steps powered by custom build Azure Pipeline workflows. The deployment process begins with a pull request merge into the master branch. Pipeline runs the usual build steps, code analysis, and tests, then emits source […]

Meet the MewsDevs – Daria

The second edition of Meet the MewsDevs is here! After Backend dev (and DOTA lover) Jarda, it’s time for Daria and the story of one Russian’s struggle to buy sunflower seeds in Prague and going from chemical engineer to Frontend developer at Mews. Hey, Daria, you’ve been with us for about 2 years, right? No, […]

Taming Redux state at scale

Everyone familiar with the Redux state management library is probably also familiar with its basic example of a todo list application. While this example illustrates some of the strengths and patterns associated with Redux quite nicely, it’s a bit overwhelming for such a simple use-case. It makes you wonder… how does Redux scale for big […]

Path to Continuous Deployment

As our company and (especially) tech teams grow, our need for better deployment processes increases too. We started with tedious, manual tasks and through a process of continuous improvement over the course of the past 6 years, reached full automation. Watch the talk I gave at ReactiveConf about how we have achieved it: You can […]