The benefits of shifting from technology-driven to product-driven development

Tech gathering that discusses a whiteboard

Introduction I am a backend developer with 20 years of development experience, starting when .net 1.0 was released. But throughout the years, I have been working full stack one way or another. Back then, there was no difference between backend, frontend, or QA engineers. You were just a developer. You were expected to know and […]

Accessibility in design systems: Easy wins and lessons learned 

Introduction Based on my talk at Design Systems London earlier this year, this post explores the valuable insights I have gained on how to make design systems more accessible (and why we should make this happen).  At Mews we want to build the most accessible possible products and in an effort on doing so we […]

Delivering value in B2B: Will my product ever be delightful?

All of us working in product development want to deliver a product our users will form an emotional connection to. But how can we achieve that when the product is a work tool the user has to use? I’d like to share how my approach has evolved since I started designing for B2B. My beginnings […]