The benefits of shifting from technology-driven to product-driven development

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Introduction I am a backend developer with 20 years of development experience, starting when .net 1.0 was released. But throughout the years, I have been working full stack one way or another. Back then, there was no difference between backend, frontend, or QA engineers. You were just a developer. You were expected to know and […]

Why guest journey and user disengagement matter in modern hospitality

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Introduction Why is the tech and hospitality industry discussing the importance of the guest journey and user disengagement today? What it means and why are just a few of the things I will explore in this article. Then, I will take you on my journey in today’s hospitality world and look at some of the […]

Product mindset

There’s one essential piece behind innovative product, and that’s the product mindset. If you want to be truly innovative, you need to be explorers. You need to take (calculated) risks. You need to try different ideas and techniques, and you need to fail half of the time. If you’re not failing, it means that you’re […]

Adopting accessibility: this is how we do it

Adopting accessibility in a product can be quite an overwhelming task. There are a lot of different sources out there on the topic. We did some internal research to come up with action points we could put on roadmap, and now we want to share it publicly. This might be useful in case you have […]

You understand your product, do others?

As a product manager, you need to manage your product and ensure it’s successful. In B2C, you have a direct relationship with your users: you gather metrics, see what gets used, see what doesn’t, where they get lost, which flows don’t convert, and you can directly affect costs, pricing, and performance. I’m not saying it’s […]

Managing products

Almost three years ago, I made the transition from development to product management. I had met a few product managers working for online companies in the Czech Republic before that, but I never understood how their role was actually useful to a company. So, it was quite weird that it was me starting a product […]

Delivering value in B2B: Will my product ever be delightful?

All of us working in product development want to deliver a product our users will form an emotional connection to. But how can we achieve that when the product is a work tool the user has to use? I’d like to share how my approach has evolved since I started designing for B2B. My beginnings […]

Connecting devs & product: Key lessons learned

In early 2020 we decided to kick off a series of events bringing insights from engineering leaders at Czech tech scaleups (as we like to call companies already past the initial startup phase). Up to now, we have organized three TechUncovered panel discussions. The previous two events focused on scaling tech teams and leading tech […]